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Rocksmith Update

Okay not sure if any of y'all are still aspiring Guitarists or not.

I got a cheapy Les Paul and a copy of Rocksmith for Xbox 360 back in December, played it some and wasn't making much progress, put the game up and followed some justinguitar lessons and then discovered So using the online lessons I've learned the basic cords and some cord progressions.

After watching this video I learned a ton and have gotten much more advanced and the Rocksmith is helping me get the speed of my left hand up. I can play that rolling stones lick pretty well now, pretty woman and dirty water. I'm still not good enough to play a full song all the way through from memory.

So my recommendation is get yourself a copy of Rocksmith if you or your kid has Xbox 360 and you're a guitar beginner.

So the Austin; while it's a cheap Chinese guitar actually is a pretty damn good guitar. BUT I found that the Ibanez RG was much easier for me to play it's also much lighter which I like as well. So I went out and bought an RG3EXFM1 and I would recommend any other beginners try one out. Mine was only $250 new (factory refurb).

got myself a Blackstar HT-5R also, it sounds about 100x better than the Fender 15G I initially got for $20 (it only sounded good at high volume which pissed off my neighbors )
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