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Thanks mate!

Have the screen set in its lowest position coz for me this is the only setting that doesnt result in helmet buffeting @ 100km/h+

On the BC Lynx: As I mentioned above, I found lots of helmet turbulence at highway speeds with the screen set at anything but low. Also tried their optional larger screen.... no better in regard to the buffeting. Ignition key access becomes a little tight, but no big deal really. Fit between the ABS dash and the main fairing was a little..... um... approximate, so I added a rubber gasket to bridge the gap (you can see in pics below). Enough room behind it to properly deal with additional electrical provisions - I dumped the BC supplied loom and added an Eastern Beaver fuse panel out of which I run all electrical add-ons including the new lights. Lights are fantastic!

I have a similar set up to yours - Lynx, Vapor, GPS, etc., and I had bad buffeting issues. Shield all the way down, then cut off even with top of fairing still didn't work as well as just taking the shield off. I'll never put it back on. Even covering the slots makes a slight difference (redirects some air?). For me it went from unusable to pretty sweet by taking off the shield. May have to figure a way to protect wires from the elements.
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