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I understand.

My back surgery .. shattered shoulder. . knee surgery. . snapped collar bone . .. and the latest: heart surgery. . sorta made me mellow out a bit. The heart problem was genetic I'm told, so all is well now.(stent installed). The others were from, shall we say, trying to change the laws of physics.

So, I'm staying off the single-track for a year. Picked up a 2008 with 5500 miles. VERY clean. Very stock.
To date, after one month of ownership, I have done the following.. . What am I lacking?
Note: Just wanting a streetable fun ride, 80/20. The "20" part will be rough pot-holed narrow roads that wind thru the north Calif. coast inlands and the crappy semi-asphalt stuff in the foothills of the Sierras.. . plus the Nor-Cal Delta river levee roads.

1. Safety wired the NSU screws
2. '01 Gixxer can with my own mid-pipe that will mate with a SuperTrapp Quiet
if I need a spark-arstr.
3. Shimmed the needle .055" with some washers (no clip grooves avail.)
4. Drilled three 1" dia holes in the top of air box, then taped over two. Will remove
tape for anything above 3500'.
5. At 1.5 turns for low-mix screw. (was 1 1/4)
6. SuperBrace
7. Removed upper chain roller
8. Laced up a front 17" 2.5 Excel with a Shinko 705 120/90/17. . mounted backwards.
No rim pincheeees like with a skinny 21" against those sometimes sharp pot-holes
that sneak up fast around a sharp curve switch-back. Done that.
9. Shinko 705 rear. . .different rim arriving soon. (4.25)
10. Cut 1" off each bar end. . . too friggin wide for me
11. Manual choke in a week from now.
12. Some manner of new seat, SOON. Have stock & Gel. THESE WERE MADE
13. Shortened sidestand
14. Braided frnt brake line. Expando rear.

Bike runs crisp & will run crisp to max revs in each gear via a gradual roll-on.
Straight & level is surge-free.
Top gear reads 10mph fast @ 65 true. .( 17" front).. even still, got it to read 110mph, so maybe 95-ish?
Putting around town last tank gave 46mpg corrected for 17". Not bad ? Stock gearing.
I'm 185 lbs nekked.
Plugs look good at every circuit-branch as best as I could clutch & shut-down & peek.
BTW: Running the three holes open in airbox gave the slightest lean pop when slightly
backing off the gas at speed. Too much for such a slight back-off IMO. . . feels good after
taping up two. Considering three 1" holes damn near is the TOTAL stock opening. .maybe
the ONE is 25% of factory snorkel. .
Low rev response is clean & crisp. Never stalls.

Drilled the slide. Read about maybe more slide wear than 'normal'. Tapped the stock
hole 5-40, dressed down a 5-40 machine screw, installed from the top side. Viola !
Like I wuz never there.

So, what more??
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