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I've been putting in a few hours for the last week now cleaning up the frame and stripping the engine. By far the hardest working tool has been my credit card! The post man is likely to be my best mate for the next week or two.
I've got just about all the major parts needed for the build ordered. The main ones along with the subframe, seat and plastics are: 2005 CRF 450 forks and clamps
CRF front and rear brakes
1999 XR 600 shock
and a mountain of other parts, handlebars, controls, hand guards, kickstarter, footpegs ect.

The salt flats have done this bike no favours here are a few of the scized, broken and corroded parts i'm sorting out. Beoken echaust stud.[IMG][/IMG]
Removing the left footpeg.[IMG][/IMG]
Corroded engine mounts.[IMG][/IMG]

Stripping the engine I also got to using my last project that I got running and cleaned up.[IMG][/IMG]

A handy tip when removing engine dhowell's is to slip a drill inside them this stops them getting crushed. Just file off the burrs afterwards and their good to use again.[IMG][/IMG]

The internals are all intact but looking well worn. The gearbox wasn't crash hot so back onto ebay where I brought an entire transmission out of a 2005 xr 600. The output shaft spline is different but the photos looked roughly the same as what i've got and I'm pretty confident it'll fit and all work ok. Also the clutch basket is worn a bit but i might run it for now.[IMG]

As for the frame it's stripped and i've been doing some welding, repairs and cutting off bits and pieces that won't be used. I found a fairly large crack where the sidestand was mounted to the frame and repaired it.
I'll plate this later as well when I fabricate a new stand mount to stop it happening again. I want to fit a KTM style sidestand that folds right up and sits near the subframe out of the way.
I have also cut off all little bits and pieces like these that won't be needed.[IMG][/IMG]

I'm also fully welding all the brackets ect on the frame most of them are not welded all the war round


So this is how it sits at the moment[IMG][/IMG]
The frame i'll be dropping off to get sand blasted after easter before doing anymore on it. The engine i'll get all the bearings for and start the rebuild just doing as much as i can till all the rest of my parts arrive.
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