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Well, after approx 15k miles my DR decided to spring a leak! I got oil everywhere! I was riding a lot of dirt roads Sunday which caused the dirt to stick to my engine drawing my attention. I checked all the oil lines, cooler, valve adjustment covers and they are all dry. Leaves the cam chain adjuster and/or base gasket (which is the metal multi-layer one). I was thinking cam chain adjuster but I have oil on the front of the cylinder fins! Could the wind blow it around everywhere? I guess I am going to have to clean it good- fire it up and drink beer until I see a leak!

I am going to have to fix this- I can't point at oil leaking H.D.s and laugh when mine is also marking its territory!
Get some spray-on foot powder and spray it all over the engine, after you had removed any existing oil and dried it off. Go out for a ride, the leaking spot will make itself known and will be very easy to see. I also am guessing its the CCT gasket. Oil goes everywhere from the wind swirling around the engine. Make sure you read up on proper removal and installation of the CCT mech. This gasket often starts leaking as a result of too much engine oil.
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