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Originally Posted by Tech23 View Post
I'm impressed. Pine Sol works pretty good. I wonder if you could build your own homemade Safety Kleen style Pine Sol parts washer with a pump. Or would the Pine Sol kill the pump?

Back in 1993 at my old home I built my own (50/50 Kerosene/Safety Kleen mix) parts washer using an old kitchen sink and counter top that was being discarded from an apartment complex that was renovating a unit. I got myself a Quaker State 30 gallon gear oil drum from work, an Audi 5000 fuel pump, a VW Rabbit rear defogger switch that I used as a power on/off switch, made up a wiring harness with an inline fuse. I used long basic homemade metal brackets that I rubber mounted to the gear oil drums lid to mount the fuel pump to. The only part I had to buy was a $5 short straight piece of PVC pipe to attach to the sink drain as a return to the tank through a hole in the middle of the drums lid. I had the whole thing set on top of a common garage 6 ft tall garage shelving unit assembled in halves...two three foot high shelving units. This is about the same height as a work bench. I had it wired into an old car battery I had set on the bottom shelf that I would charge periodically. While the charger was hooked up the pump acted as a two speed pump because I could set the battery charger to 2 amp or 10 amp. You could also use an alternate power supply for the pump. I was aiming to spend as close to zero dollars as possible...I came real close.

Here's the only two pics of the homemade parts washer that I have...if anyone feels creative and can scrounge up the necessary parts. Sorry for the low pic quality, they were originally 35mm prints, but I think you can get the idea. I used this parts washer for 12 years, never had to change out the solvent, only had to replace the pump once in that time, and only discarded it to move. I felt like I got my moneys worth out of it.

That's a good Idea. I like it. Its versatile. If I didn't live in an apartment complex. I would try something like that.
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