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Something to keep in mind when playing with springs, and adjusting for different rider weights, is the fact that only 1/3 of your body weight (under static, ideal, conditions) ends up on the front.

I took the following measurements on my scale:

73 pounds front bike empty
72.8 pounds rear bike empty

135 (ish) front standing on pegs which means 62 of my 195(ish) body weight ends up on the front suspension, and the rest on the rear. So that means 133 of my body weight is on the rear, so loaded weight should be about 206.

I take from this that even if you are a REALLY big guy, your body weight contributes a lot more to the action of the rear suspension, and in theory means playing with front spring rates more than a little bit is going to take you outside the optimum range.

In practice, I found the front end of my 2011 300 Gas Gas to be far too easy to bottom out, and the rear to be too soft. I added a bit of oil (sorry cannot remember how much!!) to each fork leg and swapped from the stock 65 n/mm rear spring to a 75n/mm rear spring to compensate for my weight.

I think it's perfect now and wouldn't change a thing. Except a new bike is on the way so I have to start all over with the reiger shock!

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