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Originally Posted by LS650 View Post
Hey, it beats sitting at home, watching reruns on TV.
Indeed, but what I was getting at is populairty of these reports to ones of a more unique and perhaps adventurous report. Essentially, making me elitest....I know my way is not the "right" way, I just wonder why there are more people reading about a Harley riding around Texas than people finding their own genuine and unique adventures....perhaps simply as a 1200GS is more popular, as are Harleys(!) and perhaps a one or three month trip is more realistic - and so more accesable for a lot of people. Essentially this is a non-argument, as I can understand both my original point, and indeed the want to read these reports....I loved Long Way Round for example.....!!!

The point of all this really is that what Im saying is is that my blog is best, so read it...alas....if you have reached this far then perhaps I'm preaching to the wrong crowd.
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