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Got one of the first dimmers in!

Here is my installation and a few comments.

The BD dimmer box is a bit larger than I would have liked.
It comes in at 2 5/8 x 2 5/8 x 1.5.

The container is very sturdy and appears to be waterproof.

It is however smaller than the competition:

These two do appear to use the same hardware and key-fob switch, but are packaged in different containers.

The two wireless key fob dimmers a much larger than this electronic dimmer which uses a special power on/off sequenced to set the dimmed light level.

I installed my dimmer on a 2010 KTM XC-W that has a Squadron LED light and a SicAss plug and play dual sport kit installed.

I installed a 4 pin connector on the KTM to facilitate connecting the Dimmer and the Squadron LED.

In the above picture the wiring goes as follows:
Brown = Ground
White = Marker light
Green = Low beam
Yellow = High beam

Here is the SicAss Hi/Lo switch:

And the KTM OEM lights On/Off switch:

I followed the provided wiring diagram and connected:

Ground --> LED - (Black)
Marker Light --> LED + (Red)
High beam --> High beam by pass wire (Yellow)

Note: you cannot connect the LED + to the Low beam because that wire needs a constant power-source. With the Hi/Lo switch once you flick on the High beam it cuts power to the Low beam......thus the connection to the marker light which provides a constant power source, even when the high beam is engaged.

Here are the Squadron LED and the Dimmer all set up for installation on the bike:

Baja Designs provides some industrial Velcro for the installation of the dimmer box, but I wanted a more solid solution and fabricated a Kydex shelf that sits above the Squadron light on which the dimmer is securely zip tied:

The BD Dimmer is paired up to a unique serial number key fob that can be used to adjust the power level of the LED light:

This matched key fob provides approximately 18 levels of adjustment in intensity of light that goes from 0 --> 100% intensity.

Doing some initial testing I found that the best setting for low beam is around the 30% mark. Anything above that is too bright for head on traffic, particularly at night.

Here is the Squadron on the lowest dimmer setting:

Here it is on full eyeball melt:

The key fob works great and the dimmer module remembers the last setting so all you need to do is find the low beam setting you like and forget about the key fob. Despite this there is something psychological I do not like about having a separate key fob. I find the dimmer with the built in dimming sequence to be more reassuring, but I understand it is a mere mental trick I need to overcome.
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