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Originally Posted by GuateRider View Post

Nicolas , sounds like you are running low on bisquits get some more and get in a better mood

Still enjoying your blog and "your" way of travelling

un abrazo
Yeah thanks Julio! Perhaps it's all the rain....!! I've ALWAYS got biscuits! Though I have just been duped at the panaderia with stale semana santa bread!

I'm in a good mood....but I think about this stuff often....I'm always thinking about what I might be doing wrong, following my instincts sometimes and questioning if this is right or not, should I go here, or there...and if I go there is it only because I'm scared to go here....? And so on and so on....when I look at other stories I think, maybe that is did I miss that...or, will I get to the end and look back and think "that was dumb, why didn't you go to toursit-site-X?"

I hope not, I might have to start all over....

I'll drop you a mail Julio....

And yes, it is indeed a 125cc though in future I'll be stepping up, if only a little...fuel injection is a must I have learnt too!
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