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Originally Posted by azgsa View Post
Well wouldn't ya know it, visited the local Ace Hardware store today and low and behold a Darksider was lurking right in front. I was checking it out and the guy walked out and we talked a bit. He has a 155/80-15 mounted on his steed and keeps it aired to 45psi "so it gets a bubble in the middle" meaning a more round profile. He said he's had it on for a thousand miles and reports the "cornering ain't as good but in a straight line when you whack it, it grips like a mofo" Said there's only one place in town (PHX area) that would mount it, Bob's Used Cycles. If you're familiar with Bob's that would make sense.

Anyway, I'm really understanding this car tire thing better after my close encounter of the Darksider kind today...

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

LMAO he looks just like I would picture a "darkside rider" lol! Stupid is as stupid does

Now that is funny as hell, thanks for the photo of one of these genius "darksiders" that think they know more than motorcycle manufacturers, tire manufacturers or even an 8 year old for that matter. You will never be able to reason with one of these idiots. They will continue to convince themselves that their car tires make their bikes handle great and are safe. Some people you just can not help. All we can do is point and laugh at them and hope they do not kill an innocent person when they eventually crash.
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