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Got a bit more done over the weekend. I cut all the unwanted mounts and drum brake brackets off the swingarm and welded up all the holes that won't be used anymore. I then smoothed out all the welds and gave it a bit of a polish, came up sweet.
I picked up some sheet alluminium on the way home from work on thursday. A sheet of 3mm to be used for the airbox and tank and a sheet of 5mm for a bashplate and any other brackets ect. I've almost finished a skid plate for it. I started making it and it was a bit narrow. I just kept going with it and figure i'll make another one later thats wider and got some sidecase protection. This one i'll use for supermoto and the odd MX club day. This was my first time welding alloy and it went ok. Not to pretty but i just smoothed it out with a grinder and their definately strong enough.

If anyones got any tips or rules of thumb ect for welding alloy don't be shy aboup passing them on
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