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Sounds like a nice little combo of problems, sorry to hear of your troubles.

Seems like your fuel pump isn't working. Have you thought to check the float bowls? I'll bet they're dry.

The electrical issue/s sounds like either you batter and/or voltage regulator may have gone south too.

I happen to have my original fuel pump and a spare battery, if you want to try either before spending your $$$ let me know. Send me a PM if you're interested.

I'd try a known good battery, if you still don't hear the fuel pump click and it still won't start, I'd try a known good pump provided the battery is turning the motor over.


Originally Posted by 900rider View Post
Well, here's what's going on. These are the details as best as I can remember them. Most from the last two days.

-Fall 2011, bike is starting intermittently. Discussion with the guys at Five Star led me to buy a new battery as the oem one was 5 years old and the bike sat a lot early in it's life. Starting issue solved.

-I put the bike away for the winter intending to start it a few times a month to keep it cleaned out and fresh-ish fuel in the jets. I never ended up doing this and when I finally did get to it it ran on only one cylinder.

-I pulled the carbs and left them at Five Star for cleaning. Jeremy said there was a ton of gunk in there and that they were definitely due for a cleaning.

-I put the carbs back on and finally got to try and start it yesterday. I drained all the old fuel and put in fresh 93 oct. The bike cranked and cranked and cranked and not even a pop! With or without the choke, full throttle or no throttle. I let it sit.

-I start wondering about the fuel pump. I haven't heard it click at all since I did the carb install. With my hand on the pump I can feel it "jerk" when I turn the key to run, but it won't pump up. Disconnecting the fuel line and depressing the white plastic nozzle on the carb side of the line let out fuel so I know some fuel was getting to that side of the connector, just not sure if it was making it to the carbs. I think gravity would be enough to get fuel past the quick disconnect.

-More cranking. No fuel smell at all from either exhaust pipe. I pull the airbox lid (tank still on) and try again. No fuel smell from either carb throat.

-More cranking from frustration which then leads to smoke coming from the starter relay area. Im pretty sure it is some electrical tape I had put on the battery lead. Solenoid will click when i thumb the starter every time, but now the bike will not crank at all. Just clicking.

-I should mention that this whole time the bike has been on a battery tender (since it was installed in the fall) I thought maybe I had drained it enough to keep the relay from working so I turn my attention back to the fuel pump.

-Pull the pump for inspection. Can't really get at the internals so I just undid the screws and sanded all the connections. I moved the plunger up and down to confirm it was free to move.

-Reinstall; the pump and still the bike will not crank, and the pump will not click at all. So basically no change.

-I figure I'll have to get the bike to Five Star somehow.

-Today- I get to thinking about the starter solenoid. I look it over. It seems fine, fuse is good, clicks reliably.

-I notice the battery tender is blinking green (more than 80% charge) It should be solid green (full charge, maintenance mode) since it's been plugged in since the day before (when I cranked the daylights out of it)

I check the battery with a digital meter. 16.xx volts. I unplug the battery tender. 15.5v and rising. WTF.

During all this I turn the key (to check voltage with the starter depressed) and doesn't the pump click like it should and the bike cranks and pretty much starts. I get it running with some choke and measure 16.xx volts while it's running.

-With an uneasy feeling I pull the battery. It's resting voltage seems to be 15.75 volts. Not wanting any trouble I put it in a metal container and put it outside.

I don't even know what questions to ask.

WTF is going on?!?!?!
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