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Originally Posted by nattyMo View Post
Sounds like a nice little combo of problems, sorry to hear of your troubles.

Seems like your fuel pump isn't working. Have you thought to check the float bowls? I'll bet they're dry.

The electrical issue/s sounds like either you batter and/or voltage regulator may have gone south too.

I happen to have my original fuel pump and a spare battery, if you want to try either before spending your $$$ let me know. Send me a PM if you're interested.

I'd try a known good battery, if you still don't hear the fuel pump click and it still won't start, I'd try a known good pump provided the battery is turning the motor over.

Next step will be a good battery. It's looking like my battery tender may have some hand in this. I called Battery Tender and asked about output voltage and they said it shouldn't be any more than 15.5v and mine showed 16.7. Can't be good for the battery.

I think this whole time my battery was just smoked and the tender was really running the bike (headlights etc) but not enough output to run the pump and start it. It wasn't long after I pulled the battery that it dropped to 0.0v on the meter.
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