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Isn't that dangerous?
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so the clicking is a good thing? is that the pump priming the system?
Yes, and if it keeps clicking, well then you have run out of gas. Don't ask how I know this...Ok, I'll tell you. I have run out of gas. A few weeks ago I was thinking, boy I have gotten great mileage out of this tank of gas, right before i coasted to a stop...(come to find out my low fuel indicator isn't working!!!) Then like an idiot, I had only put in a couple of gallons, reset the odo and totally forgot I only put in 2 gallons and ran out of gas with 65 miles on the odo and it took me a bit to remmeber that I hadn't had a full tank, and was wracking my brain at first wondering what in the hell is wrong with the bike to run out of gas so quick and started looking for leaks etc.
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