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Putting a dent in a plastic gas tank?

So, this is probably the wrong SPECIFIC thread, but since the bike and frame is an '08 530, it seems as good as any.

I bought one of the very nice safari mondo tanker gas tanks, and it's served me pretty well over the years. Sure as heck it's helped many of my friends as much as myself..

My problem is that if I spend too much time in tight technical work or, say, stopped in line with the buds I end up boiling over.

Anyway, I finally picked up a fan kit a few weeks ago and got a catchtank on order. The fan part installed in moments and looks very nice..

You know where this is going, right? With the very nice fan kit installed, the stock tank fits fine, and I can GET the big tank on, but it's not right.. It really stresses the radiator forward and the wear point is the fan motor and the WIRING to the fan motor.

Everyone I talk to says, just heat the tank up till you can reform it a bit.. Okay - who REALLY knows how to do that? What material is the tank, technically and whats the pliable working temperature range I should be aiming for?

Is it likely I can get 10-12 square inches up to a working temperature that would let me permanently "dent" the material with a 1000 watt heat gun?

I have an IR temp meter with the little laser pointer, which is pretty cool if you ask me... Anyway, I'm confident I can accurately measure the surface temp at least.. But I have no idea what sort of working temperatures I should be aiming for and I'm not so confident a 1000 watt heat gun can get that much surface area into whatever the best working temperature might be.

I need to "depress" this area:

....about 1/2 to 3/4 inch - probably doesn't help to have the corner transition right there, but it's such a large radius that I don't think it'll be a big deal..

So, anyone more experienced than me have any thoughts or advice?

Thanks in advance!

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