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Originally Posted by laser17 View Post
I think Jon has a new Raga bike - so is fortunate to have the Reiger shock with the Adjustable rebound and compression damping. The forks are still Marzocchi's but with new valving to match the new shock.
Thanks, we own the newest raga 300 for this year as well. got it in sept of 11 I believe it was just in time for our regionals I recall.

I just haven't seen anyone with a '12 racing version yet. I semi recalled someone mentioned in this thread, which my information was "older' but was told that they "expected" theyd be sold with a slightly less expensive reiger version, which had only a single (cant recall what) adjustable reiger shock to be sold on the racings models and then, was it to be Sachs on the regular models? (Ill go look after I press post). IT is confusing though because you look at racing models on website it says reiger (2way) and now dotn know what that means, raga spelled it out differently, so go figure.

Anyway, I just wondered if maybe we got lucky and GASGAS, maybe went with the same shock as the Raga for the racing model after all...

Ours still had the older (AJP) brakes, has anyone in USA seen the bikes with new MFG brakes? I read only a few reports on TC, about new brakes (might be, or just suggesting) needing some more design and testing from parts "flexing" I think it was?
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