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Congrats on the new Raga. I made the mistake of riding a few and now think my bike sucks...(not that I come close to exceeding its "lesser" capabilities)

The new Race models just came in after several delays and, NO - they dont have a rebound adj. I too was anxious to see if they "maybe" had the rebound capability - but the two Ive seen did not. (I swear GG is like a lottery and will occasionally upgrade bikes on a seemingly random basis...I wouldnt rule an upgrade out for some lucky guy)

The confusing terminology is because they consider spring preload one of the adjustments. So the Std bike and Race models have 2 adjustments!

The new formula brakes seem very good straight out of the box.(BTW: all the Ragas were still AJP) The formula levers are very nice. The brakes feel strong and linear. I know there was alot of chatter before regarding issues, but so far so good as far as Ive heard. Maybe to soon to really be certain - but given the choice - i would pick Formula. The clutch seemed good too - but again - very low sample size. I thing the pull is slightly higher. (could be clutch pak thickness issue)

IMHO: Even though the race models have the "cheaper shock" - its still a huge improvement over the Sachs or even the Ohlins on last years bike - provided you dont need a big spring change it should work very very well. Since im an engineer, I cant help but drool over the newer Reiger "factory" shock with all its capabilities and think good riders will get alot out of it. I think this must have been what GG was talking about last year with all the "patented" rear suspension talk. I hope it shows up on this years Raga bike.

The new magnetic kill tether is interesting. I can see this saving a few engines and can also see a few unintentional killed motors. we'll see.

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Thanks, we own the newest raga 300 for this year as well. got it in sept of 11 I believe it was just in time for our regionals I recall.

I just haven't seen anyone with a '12 racing version yet. I semi recalled someone mentioned in this thread, which my information was "older' but was told that they "expected" theyd be sold with a slightly less expensive reiger version, which had only a single (cant recall what) adjustable reiger shock to be sold on the racings models and then, was it to be Sachs on the regular models? (Ill go look after I press post). IT is confusing though because you look at racing models on website it says reiger (2way) and now dotn know what that means, raga spelled it out differently, so go figure.

Anyway, I just wondered if maybe we got lucky and GASGAS, maybe went with the same shock as the Raga for the racing model after all...

Ours still had the older (AJP) brakes, has anyone in USA seen the bikes with new MFG brakes? I read only a few reports on TC, about new brakes (might be, or just suggesting) needing some more design and testing from parts "flexing" I think it was?
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