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Full-Synthetic 4-Stroke Adventure Motorcycle Oil

AimHi Performance is proud to offer a premium full-synthetic motorcycle oil directly to the ADV crowd

How did this come about?
At one of the first RMAR events I won some of this oil. I really liked it but could not buy it anywhere - Royal only sells wholesale or private label - you know that stuff at your bike store that goes for $11 - $17. I approached the factory and they signed me up to market directly on the internet.

Who is Royal Mfg?

Royal Mfg Co, at the dawn of celebrating 100 years in business, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of lubricants and greases in the United States and around the world, both in Royal brand and private label manufacturing. A registered ISO 9001:2008 company, Royal has two manufacturing locations; Tulsa, OK and San Antonio, Texas, with a combined annual production capacity of over 50 million gallons of lubricating oil and over 60 million pounds of lubricating grease.

Royal is an industrial oil manufacturer that specializes in supplying other oil companies with full synthetic base oils. They also supply to large industries such as mines, marine fleets and the railway systems around the world. Now you can have industrial strength oil for your motorcycle.

Ok, so can you beat the other high $ oils?

This became a project.... we ran our own oil tests and felt that in order to compete and beat the high $ import oil we need to change the formulation. Feedback from ADV riders also contributed to the final result. The new oil from Royal Mfg. include POA's and a stong additive pack with high rates of zinc, however not toxic levels for the CAT on your bike, We don't use fancy bottles, you have to pay for that + it does not make your bike run better.

Take a look at the VOA below and customer posted oil analysis tests. Extreme flash points (less oil burning away) and high additive numbers.

Royal Mfg. is 100% family owned and does not have to send profits to multimillion dollar international stockholders, so they can keep the price down. I also comes straight from the factory so there is no three or four tier distribution system.

What else?
  1. The shipping is included in the price
  2. If you don't like it, send back unopened bottles and I will pay you back - over the past 2 years since we started this project we have not receive a single bottle back.
  3. 10% of our profits go back to organizations that keep trails open such as COHVCO, TPA and others.
Where can I buy it an how much?

Please visit the online store at

10w40 Royal Monarch Super Syn
1 Case (12 quarts) = $97.97 $8.16/quart shipped to your door!

15w50 Royal Monarch Super Syn
1 Case (12 quarts) = $97.97 $8.16/quart shipped to your door!

5w20 Royal Monarch Synlube Select - Auto
1 Case (12 quarts) = $76.97 $6.41/quart shipped to your door!

20w50 Royal Monarch ATV/ Side-X-Side
1 Case (12 quarts) = $82.97 $6.91/quart shipped to your door!

10W40 Monarch Super Syn is perfect for you japanese or import thumper or crotch rocket. Perfect for DR650's and other thumper from 200cc and up.

15W50 Monarch Super Syn is perfect for your larger thumper (450cc +) including V-Twin bikes like the KTM 950 and other V-Twin American and Imports. High Zinc amounts (but not toxic to your CAT) is what this oil give you.

20w50 Monarch Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle /ATV Have a side x side or ATV, then this might be the oil for you

Like our bike oil - then you will love the auto full synthetic oil - priced right.

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