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Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
The J.Costa I know on the Tmax works to reduce cruise revs, probably as you have said due to the ramp rates on the variator. As the Tmax doesn't have an easy way to adjust launch/cruise revs (I don't consider modifying clutch pressure plate weights to vary lock-up an easy mod), you would have to say the J.Costa has the best of both worlds it would seem out of bolt-on bits (but I don't know coz I haven't ridden one yet, just off reports).
The Tmax is probably setup to rev high from the factory.
The videos I've seen seem to confirm that.
Looks like a very good stock setup.

And then comes the same issue.

Take what-ever-size-weights are in the Tmax, put in 10% lighter sliders,
and you've got just what you described - better acceleration, and lower
cruising revs after about 60mph.

HOWEVER, wide open throttle with THAT particular setup will probably
rev the bike out more or less 500revs more then the stock setup WOT,
and jcosta will rev the engine up to the maximum power revs instantly.

IF jcosta keeps the revs as low as stock or dr pulley modified setup when
riding normally/cruising around town, small throttle openings and all that,
and still manages to bury the needle to the redline at any speed at WOT,
we've got a winner.

You CAN NOT make the stock variator do that.
I'd actually be surprised if jcosta did that as well.

The only bikes I'm aware of that are capable of doing that have the
electronically controlled CVT (burgman 650 and aprilia mana).

Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
Sorry Cortez, I would love to fly over there and donate my time and spanners
to the cause! Perhaps we could find an understanding benefactor who could help us conduct physics experiments (purely for scientific research purposes)on your bike.
Well, jump on the plane and we'll figure the rest out when you get here.
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