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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
+1 on everything you said.

How's your top speed?
Mine is still struggling to reach 90mph, and usually can't .. 86-87mph at
7600rpms is about as high as it will go, and I've ridden a test bike with 4k
miles on the clock and worn rollers that did 93-95mph @ 8600rpm.

Not sure on my top speed. Took me and my wife (both of us are approx 320lbs) on a run at about 80mph. It didn't have any problem and had a little left. It was mostly flat. I've hit 85 without any issues. The way it feels I don't think it would have a problem hitting 90+. However, the bike didn't come into it's power until somewhere between 1K-2K miles in the break in.

Let me know if you try one of the things mentioned here. I have to admit, that the 300i feels like it's in a sweet spot, so the gains would have to be something pretty noticeable. And price isn't an issue, the improvements just have to be worth the price.
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