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Originally Posted by blaine.hale View Post
I'm thinking this may be my best route.
I'm going to keep looking around to see if anyone has a spare cylinder as one of the cooling fins is missing a chunk anyhow but they seem rare as hens teeth.

I'm not, by any means, in a rush to get this done. I have a matador, an r90 and a 63 vespa to tend to this year.

I got these parts all waaaay before I actually expected too! I'll proceed with the bottom end and test out some new "in house" blasting methods. The bottom end actually spins freely and very smooth, so that's a nice relief. Hoping I didn't damage anything else!
The sleeve could have actually been fractured before I began freeing it up but that's neither here nor there :)
I always try to rebuild the existing parts, I do search to get a spare, but in my experience they just don't show up when you need them, (Murphy's law?). If I find something I need and it's affordable I buy it, as it's always good to have a spare, the spare parts for rare birds are mostly not very cheap and may have other issues, (btw. as I know Bultaco changed the displacement between the first to the last Bandido model, sadly no information when they did it).

As you have time, look up a good welder that is specialiced in aluminium/magnesium welds for the cylinder, even very difficult stuff, finns can be rewelded, have seen pre-war machines with rewelded ironcast fins. Likewise look up someone that will make a you custom build sleeve, piston, rings, con-rod and pins for the piston lower con-rod together with piston rings, at least here in D no big issue, the costs will be around one and a half to two in expense as you would pay for parts in stock, you will get a fine balanced crank assembly too.

Riding later is much cheaper.

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