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Cortez- The reason no one has answered your question, is because it is not a cut and dried one. There is no simple answer to your question.
This is the basic rule for scooters: The lighter the roller weight, the quicker the acceleration, but lower the top end and higher cruising rev's. In reverse, the heavier the weight, the slower the acceleration, reduced cruising rev's and potentially higher top end. These are rock hard rules to a point and that is why I question the 30+ horsepower. New rule: Torque= acceleration, Horsepower= Top end.
For the most part scooters are very efficent. They are designed to operate in a certain rev range and the cvt was balanced to operate in that range from the factory. They are trying to remove or limit the input of the rider. From the factory, that scooter is the best it can be at doing everything it was designed to do. You will not do better than the factory, if you change their set-up, you will have to give up some thing, ie.. fuel mileage, top end, bottom end, but it will be something.
Remember I said the rules were rock solid to a point. You can go too light on the weights and too heavy, neither is good. Too light and it just rev's and the scooter has very little go, too heavy and it bogs and has no go. The easiest place to learn to tune a scooter is with a 50cc 2-stroke because it operates in a narrow power band at high RPM's. The reason I say it is easy is because little changes make a big difference both good and bad quickly.
Now to answer the question you have been asking. You went the wrong way with the Dr.Pully slider. You need to go up 2 grams above the stock roller weights, so if they were 15 grams, you need to go to a 17 DP. You should have a little better acceleration and your top speed should come back.
Oh yea, why I questioned the horsepower on your scoot. The change to the variator weight that you did should not have changed the top speed that much, if you really had the horse power to pull it.

Good luck
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