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Originally Posted by Mercury264 View Post
The 'don't fill it up' argument always gets trotted's not just the weight but the bulk of both the tank and the gas in the tank (however much that is) sloshing around. I'd sooner just carry Rotopax's so I can decide how much and where to carry them as well as, more importantly, WHEN to carry them.

I see this argument ALL the time about a bike (whatever manu). Very very few people NEED the extra range a huge tank will provide so I really don't know why so many claim it's an issue. Where gas is plentiful, I look forward to a quick gas break - I don't WANT to ride 500 miles in one go. Some do, I don't (I don't think it's particularly safe either).
+1. While I love the fact that Safari is making a large tank for those who need it, I rarely find myself in a situation in which I don't have access to gas. I'm tempted by the large tank out of sheer laziness -- one of the things I liked about my Wee-Strom was that when I was out on rides with friends on sportbikes, I could spend every other gas stop just hanging out, or going inside to pee, or getting a cup of coffee, or whatever, because between that bike's tank size and fuel efficiency, I only needed to fill up half as often. I miss that a bit with the Tiger.

But the only place I've ever ridden that I needed to go beyond the Tiger's range between gas stops was the Trans-Labrador Highway (specifically, the new section between Goose Bay and Port Hope Simpson, 260 miles). That was on the Wee-Strom, which managed it on one tank, though I carried a spare gallon with me just in case. If I do that trip again, I'll just carry a couple of Rotopax containers on the Tiger.

Like Merc, I have an XR650L with a Clarke tank (that bike really needs it -- range on the stock tank was like 90 miles). I wouldn't even consider not filling it up all the way because estimating range would become impossible. If I put a Safari tank on my Tiger, I'd feel the same way.

But if I regularly rode long distances in places with few gas options, then yeah, I would definitely want the Safari tank.

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