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We have been very happy with the hack. We installed a steering damper and it made a big difference for us (our first hack). We've slowly turned it down but it is a nice bit of insurance.

We've done some off road riding and some riding in soft sand and it has been awesome. Riding on a side slope can be unnerving but I think that is the case with any hack.

We are going to change the tires for something a little more off road capable for a trip with are planning.

Some notes on the build: overall we are very happy with the rig but have had a few issues. The rear tank puts off a very strong chemical smell. Everything we put in there gets the smell and it is very noxious. I assume it will go away with time?

The extra lights have been helpful but I think I would go for something even brighter next time.

I noticed the underside of the tub isn't completely painted. Not a huge deal because I'm not down there looking at it all the time but something I noted given the cost of the rig.

The Highway Dirt Bike handguards are really well made. The panniers are good and not too wide.

It has been a lot of fun. Cruises at highway speeds with no problems. Handles mild off road with no problem. Our daughter loves it and the sunshade they had made for her. I wouldn't mind adding fabric doors to help protect her from rain but not a real need.

I would order from them again if I get a KTM Adventure and another kid.
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