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Hello everyone.

I have been a lurker on this thread for sometime now and thought that a few pictures may be in order. First off, I have been riding for 40+ years. Most of my riding time was on single track on some of Idaho's best trails. My first serious dirt bike was a Suzuki DR 500, and then to a XC-500 2 stroke Husqvarna, then XR650. But I got too old and most definitely way too Fat to ride the dirt. So, my roots are with you guys.

But, now I am exclusively a street. I have been working on a lighting project for my Favorite bike of all time, it is my Triumph Rocket 3 (2300 cc), the big one, not that girls touring model. Anyway, I ride over 10,000 miles a year. Most of this is done on 2 lane paved roads throughout southern Idaho. I know the smaller back roads very well, and avoid the freeway whenever possible

Most of my rides are about 6 hours long. If you know Idaho, then you can understand this statement. On the 6 hour ride at least 4 of those hours I have no traffic either ahead of me or coming the other way nor do I see houses. So, when I set out to do lights, I wanted them bright. Deer are always a year round issue on these back roads. Our deer here tend to be on the large size (120lbs to 250lbs) and if you hit one with a bike, it is pretty much Dirt Nap Time. Few survive this event.

OK. Long story short, I purchase 3 of the 44 lights in silver. 2 are on the front fork and have the yellow lens covers. To tame the light down, I used 2 yellow covers on one light, seems to make a difference, They work excellent in fog and do light up the road. I am very pleased with the performance and the service I received, both in purchase and 1 repair from Sanjoh. No issues, only praise.

So, the pictures that I am adding are my latest incarnation of my lights. I pretty much limited myself to 9 amps or 100 watts when on full power. I have also added 10 yellow photon blaster up front from Skene and use the 170-inteligent controller and the 160 controller, both with the Alert function. I also have added some nice driving LED fro Ridged Industries (2800 lumens each. 1-10 degree and 1 split 18/10degree rows,, good for 400 yards) long range things. All are on switches and I can mix and match as needed.

Anyway, here are my pictures and I really like the product.

What do you think of my solution?

First with Stock low beam and 10% on 44's on fork.

High Beams

Front view:


Night Picture.......

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