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more praise for Sanjoh

...spoke to Sanjoh several times on the phone before reading all the posts/information in this thread. I was referred to his site ( from a thread that i started. Man, i could have saved Sanjoh a whole lot of trouble if i would have known about this thread before i contacted him. it pretty much answers all my questions...and then some!

at any rate, Sanjoh was very patient with me on the phone. As i am new to rigging up lights on motorcycles, and all the nuances of mc electrical systems. He carefully considered and then answered all of my questions. After reading some additional stuff here, I am certain that i made a good choice by going with the 10w/3 LED model with a dimmer switch. It should provide the daytime running light i want for visibility, and hopefully not blind people at night with its tighter beam. I opted for the dimmer so i can have them on full blast at night when i switch to hi beam. Deer are an issue here in NC as well, and i travel down some long dark roads.

can't wait to get them! gonna try the fork mounting them on the reflector bracket of my KLR.

thanks Sanjoh.

PS....i'm riding to Memphis the weekend of May 5/6 to catch some of the Beale St music fest, by way of Savannah, GA. Leaving May 4 if anyone is keen on riding along or meeting up along the way!
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