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Wow just the other day I talked about this topic with the local shop manager.I asked if the blow out price
on certain helmets were because of old stock/older Snell ratings...No answer....But we did discuss
the life of helmets being used..He sells the product,so the 5 year rule is recommended. I asked
about the ones boxed/sealed lost in the warehouse... then found..Does the breakdown of protective
materials only begin after exposure to uv rays,bodily fluids( oils.shampoo residue etc) the use
of putting it on/off,washing the liner etc.Well my opinion to him was that until it's opened,contaminated by
customers trying it on,manhandling it or worse it'll be good.Not the same as a Snell 2012 April mfg date
but should still meet the DOT standards.Like canned goods in the pantry,good until it's opened..ymho...2 cents
ps.... I wish they would test 5 year old helmets (same production run),one used for 5yrs one still sealed
in the box using the same safety standard as when sold.Would be a great advertising if both passed.
But on the other hand they want you to buy...Bold New Graphics..New Colors..New Trim .. New Features etc
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