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Originally Posted by C-Stain View Post
The other thing, I've never bought a $500+ helmet. I do get one that is ECE and DOT rated, Snell if I can. What's the big difference between my $300 Snell Lid and your $500+ Snell lid?
Usually just the look, feel and quality of the materials the helmet is made with and the "bells and whistles" that you are getting. When I bought my Arai XD-4 I tried on at least 10 other Snell certified helmets. Shoei was the only one that came close, IMO, to the quality and feel of the liner against my noggin'. The lesser priced Snell branded just did not feel as comfortable to me or did not fit my head shape. I am paying a premium price for a premium helmet.

From the Snell site...I think this sums it up rather nicely.

What's the difference between a $100 Snell certified helmet and a $400 Snell certified helmet?
While helmets are primarily a protective device, the true protective capabilities of a helmet, if needed will only come into play for about 2 to 4 milliseconds during the lifetime of the helmet. This leaves a lot of time for that helmet to be doing nothing more than sitting around on a user's head. Producing a product that meets the standards is not really very difficult. Producing a helmet that people will buy and wear, and will consistently meet the standards is significantly more difficult. The Snell Standards do not measure factors like comfort, ventilation, brand recognition or style, and only indirectly look at fit, weight, materials and workmanship. These are factors that frequently drive helmet cost.
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