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All things CAD!

It seems there are a lot of inmates here that use AutoCAD (and other CAD programs).

In the past I've received much better (and quicker) help from here than from any CAD forum on the web.

So, how about a CAD thread?

First question, anyone using AutoCAD 2013? We have Vanilla 2013 and it's not playing well with our .pc3 files; in 2012 we can use any of our saved page layouts and have them plot fine. However, 2013 rotates the page 90 degrees using the same layout. The work around I can find so far is to create new .pc3 files, which I really do not want to do.

Anyone have any ideas? It's happening with both our Canon plotter and our Konica copier, leading me to think it must be a System Variable or something similarly global.
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