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So I finally lost that tiny Streamlight I started this thread about! The thing about tiny things seems that they are easy to loose. Anyhow, I have been on the lookout for a birghter replacement for it ever since I lost it a couple months ago. I was doing an install yesterday and could have REALLY used that little light so got stoked to just go to Sportsmans and have a root round for a replacement. I found what I now feel is the perfect replacement for me. Made by 511, well SOLD under their moniker, it is called the Atac PLx. 69l, 2 AAA, and the perfect grip having grippy ribs down four sides of the round barrel. It has a really nice pocket clip that is neither too snug or too loose. It is almost exactly the same size as a tactical pen so is perfect for pamts pocket or shirt pocket. Nice bright Cree led. Surprisingly bright useable light, very white and useable in the sense it isn't overly bright shined right at something close, but bright enough outside at night to light up a trail or driveway or interior of a car very well.

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