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I would like for everyone to read my original post carefully. No, we did not take one of Jay's trail reducers to a machine shop and have it copied. In fact we did not even have one of Jay's trail reducers in house when we began to develope our own. I did have a concern with Jay's original design as it did not have a raised end on it for the pivot which did compromise the static ground clearance of the bike some when installed. This was simply due to the front forks being kicked forward by the reduced trail. I had suggested to Jay as an act of good will raise the rear of his design to maintain ground clearance. Soon after that discussion he did that which was an improvemment on his design. He had posted pictures here of that.

So, Take it all for what you wish. But, no, we did not copy Jay's offering. No, I am not from China. Again, Jay, sorry you feel the way you do. I was trying to offer an improvement suggestion to your original design and you took that well. Now we have developed our own trail reducer, which is NOT a direct copy... and have gotten blasted for it. Nuff said...Oh well ...

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