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Cool idea. CAD and motorcycles are my thing.

I started out on Autocad Release 2.1 in 1984 or so (on a Heath Zenith 286 with 1mb of ram and an enormous 20mb hard drive. $2500 in 1984 dollars) and kept right on going. Actually I started out as a board draftsmen in 1980 but my text sucked and I was going to get out then a friend of mine started his own small engineering firm and told me about this new Autocad thing. My text has been great ever since!

In between I worked in CAD full/part time and managed to get a college degree in mktng/mgmt but when I graduated in 92 CAD salaries really just took off so I figured I'd stay with it for just a bit longer. 20 years later here I sit with no regrets. it's a very nice living and the work is interesting.

I'm in the Civil industry now but I've dabbled in a LOT of different fields and programs. Spent a lot of time on Microstation (which unlike a lot of other Autodesk oriented people I really like) and quite a few other boutique cad programs that certain companies made the mistake of buying like CadVance and Generic Cad (which was the precursor to ACAD Light). I just installed Autocad civil 3D 2013 (it ROCKS by the way). I work too much and ride too little but having access to the web allows me to at least talk bikes when i need a break.

If I could add one skill it would be Mechanical Desktop. I've track of the number of times I wanted to design custom parts for my vintage bikes. And now with affordable 3D printing it's just gets more and more tempting. Anyone doing anything along those lines? I'd love to talk shop about what's out there.
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