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Strom riders are always looking for more watts. There is a lot of forum space dedicated to this topic. We tend to have a lot of gear and gadgets that draw power. The current systems are good for about 400 watts. Just enough to run the lights and a full set of heated gear at night. No way it will run two sets of heated gear. My Triumphs had 640 watt Nippondenso systems, and that seemed to be plenty. I always wondered why no one could swap out one Japanese charging system for another. An aftermarket supplier came up with a stator with a little more output, not a lot more, but the reliability fell off considerably. I've forgotten the name of the supplier, but currently, not many are doing the upgrade because the trade off between a few extra watts and declining reliability is unfavorable.

Suffice it to say, if you provide the watts, reliably, we'll supply the gadgets!

PS I looked at the new Bandit 1200, a great budget touring bike, guess how many watts? 400 Arggghh!
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