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A helmet manufacturer/snell cant determine how often a helmet is going to be used. The 5yr rule of thumb takes into account someone who takes care of it per instructions, but wears it A LOT. They're saying at up to 5 yrs old, they can guarantee that this well used helmet will pass the tests it was designed to pass when it was new. After 5 yrs they cant guarantee it. Its kind of a wierd issue because the helmet would perform pretty good & protect your head post 5yrs, but its not guaranteed to be as good. I understand the deterioration factor, but I dont believe at 6 yrs old its going to fall apart if you hit your head on the ground. Everything here is the extreme case scenerio for safety reasons. Extreme impact, extreme amount of wear. I dont believe the 5yr rule applies to everyone. It is a worst case scenerio (as far as wear is concerned) replacement interval.
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