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Originally Posted by Bullwinkle58 View Post
... They're saying at up to 5 yrs old, they can guarantee that this well used helmet will pass the tests it was designed to pass when it was new. After 5 yrs they cant guarantee it. ...

This sort of post usage testing is what I would like to see from Snell. Take a helmet that has actually been worn by an average rider that is 2, 5, 7 etc years old and see if it still hold to the initial testing criteria. Data such as this would (or could) prove the 5 year rule or may debunk it altogether. Who knows? I am sure there have been some go-getter at Snell that was just a curious as I and decided to test a helmet after a few years of use. I wonder why helmet mfgs don't pay for the Snell testing on an old helmet just to see the results. If nothing else it could be a selling point. "Our helmets have been tested to last up to 7+ years with normal usage." It may make the helmet worth more on the initial sale, as you are getting more bang for the buck, so to speak...and would sure make it worth more in the used market.

Would the motorcycling community pay 10-25% more for a helmet that is Guaranteed for 5 years from defects but will last (according to the mfg and Snell) up to 8, 9, or more years? I doubt it...I guess the mfg would rather sell 100$ skid lids with 25$ worth of materials and 50$ worth of paint and graphics. It is all market driven...same reason Black is the best selling helmet color. I back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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