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My laugh for the day was provided by a DID chain rep.

D.I.D Motorcycle Chain What is the part number for that D.I.D chain engraved on the sides?
Tuesday at 4:36pm
Topo Lake ‎520VM
Tuesday at 5:33pm

D.I.D Motorcycle Chain The best recommended chain for your bike is the D.I.D Super Street X-Ring 520ZVM-X which has a maximum of 1200c.c. This chain is much stronger and has a tensile strength of 8,745 pounds versus 8,050. Also, in your picture the inner side plates seem to be scratched up. Perhaps there is a misalignment. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
9 hours ago
Topo Lake Wow, my KLR has over 8050 ft pounds of torque? Wouldn't a misalignment that bad scar the sprocket teeth?
Think I can get him to admit the chain shouldn't have done that?
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