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AWD please!!
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Originally Posted by Bike Nomad View Post
Howdy cjracer,

Has their been any progress in moving your 950 AWD conversion closer to production? I haven't noticed any updates on your threads for a bit. Have you given any consideration to converting a 650 class bike to AWD?
I've just been swamped in the shop and sick the last few weeks. More important things to do to catch up than dig through 100's of pics and post more, although I really want to.

The AWD 950 ADV is done and working great. I've been talking with Steve about maybe doing a batch in the future with some custom parts built to my specs, but that won't happen until either of us have more time to sit down and look this over. I want an AWD 950 SE so bad now, so I can see myself building more in the future, it's just when?

If I can see any place on Version 2 to make it better, I want to do it if I can.

I have thought about doing other bikes, it just takes someone with cash to say do this to my bike at whatever cost....

Then me to say, OK, I'll stop riding for 6 months while I sort this out and build it.

I don't have the R&D time to do it for free.

The BIG Adventure bikes are great and would be helped out so much by this system. It has been awesome on the KTM 950. Instead of having go full throttle up tuff stuff and bend rims or what-not, I can pick and choose my lines better and slower for safer travel. Plus 2-wheel roosts with 100 HP is so much fun.
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