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12T sprocket

I put on a SunStar 12T sprocket today, and I'm happy with the results. There is a little hill climb near my job that I run up regularly. With the new sprocket there was a noticeable difference. Starting in second gear I could blast up the hill and not run out of power. On another hillclimb with roots, rocks and mud if I didn't ,make it first shot I would have to turn back. Now I was able to rock and bump the throttle and ride on.
On the flats third gear has come into it's own. I can cruise at 30, and with a little twist I'm at 50. I haven't ridden much street yet but I rarely go much above 60 anyways. At 60 in sixth gear it's not strung completely out, and has better throttle response.
There is more noise from the chain, and I have heard that the chain will wear out faster. I beleive this because I would usually be an advocate of changing both sprockets. Since I don't want a larger rear sprocket ( one more thing to bash a rock ), and I'm not ready to buy a new chain and sprockets this will do for now. If the chain wears out really fast I will upgrade.
For anyone who doesn't run regularly over 65 I think this is an inexpensive and worthy upgrade. As I run it I while keep everyone updated, and if anybody has any experience this let me know.
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