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Boy - I should really be more careful reading posts. Wrong end of your bike1st and the wrong bike 2nd...

Let us know how you like the new ride and how it compares to your 11. One thing I will say about the 12 race- it sure is a pretty bike. GG is doing a nice job these past few years on the look.
Quick report on the new Bike - it's beautiful! Like you said, it's a looker, I really like the black wheels. The graphics are a little "busy" I think but other than that I don't have any complaints.

No real report on the suspension as I didn't even check the adjusters to see where they were, but can say it feels "slow" compared to my '11 with the stiffer rear spring and "stiffened" forks. But then the bouncy bits seem to take a while to break in.

At first ride the formula brakes/clutch lever are a definite upgrade from the AJP and those crappy plastic lever bushings - they look to be very nicely made, and happy to report the front brake has really nice feel and good stopping power. Clutch feels more or less the same. I LOVE the new adjuster setup it is far superior to the last setup - no tools required to adjust reach! I have been buying S3 lever adjusters to solve this problem but the aluminum thumbscrews are easily destroyed and recently gave up on them altogether.

I really like the fact that GG keep moving forward, even if it's just tiny details - for example I always looked at the steel spacers for the footpegs and thought it would make sense to make them out of Aluminum, sure enough these new ones are! There always seems to be a few things like that on a new bike that - that's peanuts I know but it shows they are commited to continuous improvement.
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