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Originally Posted by Bevelhead View Post
The Fenix LD-01 in stainless has been my EDC light for about two years now. Really bright with 10440's but battery life is too short with 'em. Still plenty bright with NIMH's . I wish the brightness levels were spread out more though. I like the size. You don't even know you have it on you until you need it. The threads have worn out within a year on every aluminum light I've had, but not this one. The stainless holds up much better in a pocket full of change and keys too.
If you look at the start of this thread, the torch I posted up about is a lot like that. I loved it but it was so small, I lost it. The new torch is three times as bright but only has one setting so I may buy a new Fenix today to augment when on an install that uses 2 AA and has four settings and is 250l on turbo.
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