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Took the bike in for state inspection and license this morning which amounted to about a 30 mile ride. Rather chilly which had me already thinking of a Laminar Lip or some other slightly taller windshield to get just a bit more wind protection for touring. Taking the 1" risers off might help too, but the bike is really comfortable as-is. I really think this bike will be around a while. Footpegs and seat seemed a bit buzzy at 60-ish MPH, but nothing that will really be a big bother, I don't think, once I get used to the bike in general. I really like the ride-by-sight ease of the bike. The light handling feel reminded me of the '09 GSX-R600 I had about a year ago, only with a more relaxed riding position.

I was glancing through the manual last evening and saw that I should use 95 octane gas, using the ROM (?) method. All the gas pumps around here are labled by a R+M/2 method, with 93 octane premium (without ethanol) as the highest typical octane available. Regular unleaded is 87 octane, I think. Any input here? I filled it with the 93 octane for today, but would be glad to use the less expensive gas if the bike doesn't need the higher octane.

And....just to prove it really happened, I submit to you my new-to-me beauty.....(PS. I've really grown to appreciate center stands and was glad the FZ6 has one)

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