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Congrats, it's a great looking bike!
Might be getting one too here in the very near future, and I just might buy the risers from you if you do sell them.

I did some reading on the windshield on these bikes, you can do that here,

And there is more discussion on the fz6 tech section of that forum.

Sounds like the arrow dynamics of the windscreen creates a pretty hard low pressure zone on the underside of the window and the area above the tank to below the shoulders. Guys are reporting some pretty strong buffeting. As I read it, one of the mods is to open up a hole in the windscreen to help elevate that low pressure area and this smoothes out the air hitting the body. Also, guys are chopping the windscreen down considerably, but that will just put more direct air flow on the body, all be it smoother air. That would be last resort for me. I'm going to try opening up a hole in the screen first and see how that goes.
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