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Well the new PLx went belly up Already!

After the few days I had it, the switch on the 511 Atak PLx went belly up. SOooo, I went back to Sportsmans and decided since i have just ordered a set of 8 rechargeable CR123s (thanks TT PAete!) I decided to get something WAY brighter that had variable power. For an added 35 clams I bought a Fenix PD32. It is bright at 300l on turbo but goes to 4 settings plus strobe, SOS and lasts a long time on the lower settings. Setting number 2 is brighter than the Atak Plx, and it is a better pattern. It even fits in the pocket a little better since it is half as long as the Plx. It is a little fatter round but that seems to make it stay in the pocket better as well.
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