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Good evening inmates...

Well, I'm officially into the bullshit-blow-my-brains-out stage of the project where I have all the big fun shit out of the way and now it's time to tie up all the loose ends, of which there are a ton.

First off was to finish off the tank by welding on some mounting tabs.

Then it was getting the petcocks installed. I opted to use the stock petcocks because I wasn't sure how to deal with all the hoses and fuel pump, or whatever the fuck that thing is, mess and still have the bike run right...

It took a little longer than buying a thread in petcock and bungs and will require me to re-plumb the bastard since I had to move them about 4" forward. I welded on a 2.5" by 1' by 1/8" piece of flat steel to provide a flat mounting surface and to have something substantial to tap for the screws that hold them on and provide a good seal...

Yesterday I got in a new headlight and taillight from Low Brow Customs in Ohio who have quick shipping, good service, and prices I'll pay... After some thought I came up with what I thought was a decent mount, but it still needs some gussets and final welding before installation.

The mystery is dead now, this is what the bastard is going to look like, but with some more color, I'm not sure which way I'm going to go color wise, but it'll come out of a rattle can and probably not be very good looking or shiny.

As you can see I still have a good bit of wiring and plumbing to go, as well as order some pods and remount the battery, but I feel like I'm on the home stretch.
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