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Part 3--The Vepco Curse!

Sun AM: All good things must come to an end...

There were a bunch of folks heading out for one last hurrah down Vepco. Smarter (?) than they, I elected to plot a nice track back via Dunkle Holow. Despite never have rode Vepco, I don't ever miss the opportunity to replay the sound-byte's I've heard. I don't recall a single nice comment to date. However, today I think I had the curse of Vepco.

I was kinda tired and thought is would be nice just to putter home via Dunkle Hollow.  So, Kev was kind enough to let me use his computer/Base camp.  Now for those that use base camp, you probably realize that it will never find you a fun road.  Usually, the most boring, mundane straight thing. It never dawned on me to consult the many oracles on site to ensure that the mapping was correct. The funny thing about playing with routing is it lulls you into a false sense of security. I mean, all roads look mostly the same swiggly lines on the screen. How much terror could there possibly be?

So, after I artfully place a few waypoints and generated the route, imagine our surprise to find this road as the route Union Spring Rd/Slate Springs Mountain Rd.

It was way more than two big bikes with full luggage needed. We ended up having to hike the last two Really.big.ass hills to find a line before we rode (okay blaster rode my bike on the last two "hero" sections). Nothing like hiking up 30 degree inclines with MX boots, on a nice 80F day...

About the last hill before the intersection of Flagpole, Union Spring Rd/Slate Springs Mountain Rd and Dunkle, I realize the skid plate is wet (despite a rather dry day).  Turns out I have ripped off 4 off the rubber isolators and now have a crack/hole weeping oil.  Although I had many gory incidents, I am not sure the exact place that I did the damage, or it was a culminations of many "incidents".  I had one fall

and blaster showed me his belly once too.   So, we left Kevin's around 0830, went 20 or so miles, and decided to return around 1130.  Life is but a circle my friends. I asked Kev, if he knew the road. Apparently, it is part of the hero section of Shenadoah 500. He'd personally gotten very up-close-and personal with most the road (superman, deadman stop, etcs,

All in all, can't wait for CowCrap II!
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