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Here's my kids again before embarking on today's ride. It bums me out to think about leaving either behind; so I've taken the idea I've seen with other's 2-dog setups for the Ural tub. It's taken a few rides, but I think I've finally got my setup dialed in for dog comfort and security.(I'll post pics of my setup in the other dog thread.) Murphy is the big guy in front--just a pup really at 16-months. He just topped 100 pounds, but he is still growing. He's a Newfoundland/Bernese Mtn Dog mix. He's still learning his manners when it comes to behaving in the tub. He tries to take off his goggles (only when we stop); he lurches agains his harness straps, which "shakes" the whole bike; and he's so tall that he has a tendacy to head-butt my throttle elbow at some inappropriate times.

In back is my 3yr old Australian Shepherd girl, Aria. She was the one I was worried about in the sidecar--didn't think she would take to it. I was so wrong. She is just a perfect passenger, and I cannot believe how so well behaved she is. She never makes a peep; rides equally well up front or ine back; and just always seems to have an expression of utter contentment (bliss?) on our rides. I had to take the windshield off because she was always trying to peer around it--likes it off much better. Although she's only been a passenger for about a month now, she now pulls toward the garage on morning walks instead of to the front door (and her waiting food bowl). (She is far too smart for her own good.). I'm also getting used to having nearly 200 pounds of dog in the sidecar. (I'd like to get some scenic photos taken out on the roads--and I've seen many people taking them through their car windows--we haven't yet stopped and posed for any.)
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