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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Very smart approach doing Canada, AK, the US then a break at home to sort things out before taking the EURO/Russia/Mongolia plunge!
S' funny, KTM are a major producer of radiators. (VW, BMW, Triumph bikes et al)
I am very skeptical this product. It may EAT your chain prematurely before it ever wears out. Countershaft sprockets are cheaper than X ring chains. DID are the best! Keep an eye on things. One of the most common RTW traveler problems: shot chain/sprockets.
Good move ... i've caught my lower leg under a pannier off road ... Not good, hurts like Hell. Curious ... Did you have to do any custom reinforcement of your sub frame area to carry the Zega hard bags and duffel bags up top? When I rode a 690 a few years back ... I looked and saw NO sub frame at all ... so how does that work? Fantastic idea on the inner cloth bags. I do the same. Only way to fly. Keeps your stuff clean, makes packing/unpacking fast, easy.

What (or who) is "RR"?
OK for back to back 10 hour riding days?

Not sure how much camping you'll do in Latin America or Asia. I've traveled some in both (7 years in Latin America) and rarely camped ... ever. Too many people and not always safe. Mexico and Cent. America really not great camping ... but parts of S. America are OK, like S. Chile and Argentina. (Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego)
Will get MUCH hotter in Southern latitudes ... but humidity is what will get you. But you'll figure all that out.
For now ... you really should have a GERBING jacket (never a vest) for AK, Canada and later in Russia -Mongolia. Life Saver. ( and maybe a low draw HID headlight, 35 watts instead of 55w and 3 times as bright ... DDM I've run one for a year no ... never go back to standard headlight.
Can you walk in them all day? Maybe walk around shoes?

All the best, hope the crappy Spring weather improves. Rain riding gets old! Hang in, stay warm and safe. (can you spell G E R B I N G ? )
This one is a lot to tackle.. here it goes.

I broke my radiator tipping the bike over at a dead stop in the desert. I could not find an aftermarket so I replaced it and needed protection.

I have friends that swear by the the dirt tricks products. Time will tell.

The subframe is the gastank. I have replaced the problematic bolts with the RR (RallyRaid products) bolts. The pannier racks bolt to the foot peg mount and should handle the weight.

I'm looking into a Gerbing jacket.

The seat is comfortable but what ktm is 10 hour comfortable?. I stand up a lot of the time to switch up the riding position.. so 10 hours isn't bad.

The SIDIs are pretty comfortable all day. I do have a pair of walk around shoes for the destination.

As for the humidity, It will be interesting to see what the Klim gear will do.

And camping. I have the gear for when i need it. I figure its a much about survival if you get caught in a storm or something and you need shelter. I have not camped yet on this trip because of the wet. Even though i have been sleeping in the sleeping bag at sketchy hotels where i don't trust the bed.

I think that was everything.
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