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Originally Posted by luciosiq View Post
What a shame !!!
Such a nice way to cross the Darien, visiting the San Blas Islands while crossing the Darien and taking your moto with you.
I guess if you analize the issue without emotions, this ban does make sense. This type of transportation (Cargo and Passengers) using small sailing boats are not ideal as far as security goes.
Well, lucky those (including me) who have experienced it.

Let's see if they are able to control the maritime borders between Panama and Colombia.
Your Mileage May Vary is, here, an understatement!

Somehow, by luck, experience, and design, you and Paula had an almost perfect attitude to go with your great experience. Others... not so much!

Did you know that the road you took- that horrible "road" from El Llano to Carti- has been paved, and there are bridges over the rivers? You can now drive a sedan to Carti. This is what I lament, for us "adventure riders," but the reality is that "progress" is helping the people who live there.

Whether or not non-Indians should be living in the jungle is an argument I'll take up over a beer some time.
I am Charlie.
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