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Originally Posted by StellerJay View Post
my 30s just arrived with a dimmer switch so i can run them dimmed with the low beam at night, full blast on hi beam of course. i was wondering, before i begin wiring, if i need to even bother with the dimmer switch?? Are even the 30's bright enough at night that they would be aggravating/blinding on coming drivers if not dimmed (when on low beam)??

also, anyone no where i can get some lense covers that will fit on these housings? maybe some colored ones like they sell on trailtech??
It will depend on how you aim them. While they focus the beam fairly well, they are bright at full power. I suggest you mount them, temporarily hook them up direct, aim them and see how they work for you. Once you have them aimed where you want them walk out in front of your bike a bit and see if they are to brigh tfor oncoming traffic. Or go for a ride and see if you get flashed.
I put the 30's with a dimmer on my aprilia scooter and have them aimed a bit into oncoming traffic for conspicuity, so I use the dimmer on low beam. They are plenty noticeable even when dimmed.
This is about 30-40% power.
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